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Located at the California Institute of Technology, the KAVLI NANOSCIENCE INSTITUTE emphasizes nano-scale research in frontiers of quantum matter and technology, medical and bio-engineering, and sustainability.

A core mission of the KNI is to push the state-of-the-art beyond current capabilities in nanofabrication. To this end, the KNI has pursued aggressive acquisition of strategic instrumentation for advanced nanofabrication capabilities. Our multi-user laboratories and cleanrooms for nanostructure synthesis, fabrication, and characterization are available to users from both academia and industry. Click here for more background and history.

In the News

schwab uncertainty

Tricking the Uncertainty Principle?
Keith Schwab discovered a way to make measurements that go beyond the limits imposed by quantum physics. [Caltech Release] [Read Paper] [Podcast] 05-16-14


KNI Adds New E-beam Evaporator
The KNI's new Kurt Lesker e-beam evaporator has been installed and the staff is now providing training to KNI members. To sign up to be trained, please contact staff member Steven Martinez. If you aren't currently a member of the KNI, send an email to kni@caltech.edu to sign up.

2014 Kavli Prize laureates announced

Watch the webcast and learn more about the laureates here.

Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize Winners
Three researchers from the KNI won prizes this year: Imran Malik, from the Scherer Group, won the prize in Biotechnology; Bradley Lyon, from the Gharib group, and Muhammad Mujeeb-U-Rahman, from the Scherer group, shared the prize in Nanotechnology. The prize for Entrepreneurship was not awarded this year, but in 2013, it was awarded to two KNI researchers:  Aditya Rajagopal, from the Scherer Group, and Guoan Zheng from the Yang Group. Congratulations to these KNI researchers! 06-13-14

Fancy Erector Set?

The elaborate fractal structure shown above is many, many times smaller than that and is certainly not child's play. It is the latest example of what KNI Board member, Julia Greer, professor of materials science and mechanics, calls a fractal nanotruss—nano because the structures are made up of members that are as thin as five nanometers (five billionths of a meter) - Read more 05-28-14

Summer Hiatus
The Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) at Caltech and the Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) at JPL host KNI-MDL Seminar series, featuring talks on current research at each facility. The monthly series is on summer hiatus, but will return on Tuesday, October 7, at 4 pm in 125 Steele Lab, with an informal reception to follow. For more information, join the KNI mailing list by sending a blank email to: kni-info-join@caltech.edu 06-13-14

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Moore Foundation         Kavli Foundation
Enabled by generous gifts from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Kavli Foundation, the California Institute of Technology has embarked upon an initiative to support a long-term program of innovative research at the frontiers of nanoscale science and engineering.

The KNI is located in Steele Laboratory
kni@caltech.edu | 626.395.1547
1200 East California Boulevard, 107-81, Pasadena, CA USA 91125
KNI at Caltech