Wei Gao on Sweating the Small Stuff

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Caltech article features Medical Engineering professor Wei Gao's work on personalized medical devices that analyze an individual's sweat.

Wei Gao's bionsensing devices

May 3, 2019

Wei Gao, professor of Medical Engineering and KNI-affiliated faculty member, was highlighted in a recent article by Caltech. The article, "Sweating the Small Stuff", discusses how Gao is enriching the field of personalized and precision medicine by examining what a person's sweat reveals about her or his health. The biosensors created in the Gao research group are enabling "early detection of physiological aberrations, customized treatment plans, and greater accuracy in drug monitoring." The article describes three ways in which Gao's devices could one day assist physicians in providing better health care: 1) metabolic monitors, 2) mental health monitors and 3) medication monitors.

Read the full article here.