Julia Greer Featured in Caltech's Break Through Campaign

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KNI Faculty Board Member Julia Greer's research on improving the lifespan of batteries was highlighted in Caltech's recent Break Through story.

Julia Greer's innovative battery research

April 8, 2018

Julia Greer, professor of Materials Science, Mechanics, and Medical Engineering and KNI faculty board member, has been working to increase the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries with the help of silicon. Silicon stores lithium ions much better than carbon -- meaning phones, laptops and other electronic devices could have a much longer battery life. Over the past five years, Greer and her team have developed a novel solution: a 3D microscale lattice coated in silicon. Now, this new technology may soon be viable for the marketplace. Greer's work was supported by seed funding from the Rothenberg Innovation Initiative.

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