Xueqian (Lucy) Li

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Xueqian (Lucy) Li

Xueqian (Lucy) Li

KNI Prize Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Physics and Materials Science

Division of Engineering and Applied Science

Xueqian (Lucy) Li i is a mutlidisciplinary chemist with expertise in nanomaterial synthesis and photocatalysis. Lucy is working in Professor Harry Atwater's research group where she develops "gold-based hierarchical photoelectrodes for use in a novel electrolyte-less photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell to investigate the reduction of CO2". Her research will examine the relationship between nanoarchitecture and functional behavior in order to tune adsorbate interactions on the catalyst surface in PEC systems.

Dr. Li received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Duke University in 2019 where she studied thermal and nonthermal effects in plasmon-enhanced carbon dioxide hydrogenation and N2 fixation and her B.S. in Chemistry from NYU.

In her free time, Lucy enjoys making crepe paper flowers, cooking, and exploring the outdoors.

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